Exec Dir

Welcome 100th Season

Dear Friends,

Welcome to The Cleveland Orchestra’s 1OOth season.  This year represents  a milestone anniversary, not just for the Orchestra itself but for the community that created it.  A hundred years of hard work has created a century of excellence — connecting all of us together through extraordinary musical experiences.  As we begin the Orchestra’s Second Century, a handful of shared values and promises are central to serving this great city in the years ahead:

Believing in the Value of Excellence:   Everything we do is built on a foundation of doing it well.  The Cleveland Orchestra’s reputation for excellence is a direct reflection of the values of this community, built on the firm belief that there is a difference between good, better, and best.   We employ and expect the best in order to present the the highest quality musical experiences.  The Orchestra’s excellence leads by example — for young and old alike.  Quality matters.

Sharing the Power and Passion of Music:   The Cleveland Orchestra’s fundamental mission is to share great musical experiences.  We are striving to play more music for more people, because we believe that music enriches lives, augments learning, and inspires creativity and understanding.  Music matters.

Inspiring Future Generations:  Education has been at the forefront of The Cleveland Orchestra’s mission since the very beginning, by teaching music and helping students learn life skills through music.  Today, we are redoubling our efforts — to touch the lives of young people throughout the region through powerful performances, free tickets, and compelling education initiatives.  Education matters.

Celebrating Community:  Each and every year, we work to fulfill the promise of those who created The Cleveland Orchestra — through quality, sharing, education, and celebration.  Our greatest strength is the people of Northeast Ohio, who created this Orchestra and continue to expect and demand great things from us.  We believe in the power of music because you do.  Your support and belief in us carries us forward.   Music is about sharing and joining together.  Community matters.

Throughout this season, let us revel in the great music-making onstage, in the enthusiam we share, in the power of music to make the world a better place.

Richard K. Smucker

André Gremillet
Exective Director